Thursday, 26 April 2012

X is for The X-FILES

From the first time I saw the X-Files I was hooked. I had been waiting for something like this to come along. An "Are There Aliens Really Out There?" show that was believable.

X-Files night was a big deal for me. I had my tea, snacks or whatever all set out, did any 'business' that needed doing before the show started. I could not risk having to leave for any reason, even during commercials, 'cause I might miss an important bit of information.

Fox and Mulder were great together, the believer and the skeptic. They balanced each other out perfectly.

The Smoking Man ... he was so intriguing, I loved it whenever he made an appearance. I was never sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy. At the beginning he was the one I loved to hate but toward the end I wasn't so sure. I remember at times feeling sorry for him.

The X-Files seemed to be losing some mystery and excitement during the last year it ran so I was only a little upset when it went off air. It had run it's course and it was a blast while it lasted.

Were you a fan? Who were your favorite characters?


  1. I lived for the X-files in the '90s. I remember the episode they did about the Cigarette Smoking Man and his backstory. I did feel bad for him after watching that.
    My favorite episode was the one with the town full of vampires where Mulder and Scully were telling their own version of events. It was nice that they had room for humor in the show.

  2. I remember that one! That was a good one! :)

  3. I loved the x files. One of my favorites was the haunted house one. Of course I fancied Scully. I thought Fringe was going to be a good replacement until it went all weird with the alternate universe. Oh, I also loved the x files films.

    1. Yes, I started watching Fringe with the same hope but it just wasn't doin' it for me. They'll come up with something eventually. I also like the X-Files films.