Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for BOOKS

My grandmother gave me a stack of old textbooks years ago and I always found them absolutely fascinating! Not for the content (although it's interesting to see what was taught in 1919), but for the writing in the sidebars or wherever there was space.

This is a history textbook for Grades 5-7, I think. At the beginning of one of the chapters was written in pencil "beginning Grade VI". The dates on the writings are from 1937 - 1941.  These students wrote about their plans, what they did on the weekend, their friends and the War. In the picture above is written the different addresses of a friend who was recruited for the War and shipped to England.

It seems that most of the socializing was done on Sundays. Whenever any outings or plans are mentioned here they are always either scheduled for or have taken place on Sunday. Most entries refer to dances, gathering at friends, sliding parties, etc. This note caught my eye because it was out of character. It says "Cigarette Smuggling - Sunday, Sept 3/39". Cigarette smuggling? I need to look into this further.

Have you come across books like this? What are your favorite types of books? Favorite Authors? I'd love to hear about it.

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