Thursday, 12 April 2012


Granny just set her knitting down
 I've been trying to knit since I was a little girl. I became fascinated with knitting from watching Bugs Bunny. Remember Granny? She could whip up a sweater in minutes, her needles upright and going a mile-a-minute. Sylvester was pretty good, too. My Grandmother tried to teach me and I did okay -- as long as she was there. On my own I could hardly get past the third row. So I put it away and decided I'd try again when I was older.

A few years later, after practicing a bit I was ready to give it another go. I started knitting a square and before long I had a lovely triangle. Ok, I'm not ready yet, so I packed it away for another time.

Another time came and I was now knitting a toque for my husband. He put it on and it slid comfortably over his eyes. Being a good sport he adjusted it and headed out the door. It fell off immediately and several more times on his way to the car. I'm not sure how it was in the car but I can imagine. When he came home he said it was his 'good' hat and he thought it would be best if he only wore it for special occasions. Then he presented me with a sewing machine.

Last year I knit a sweater for our grandson. My granddaughter was thrilled because it fit her doll perfectly.

I'm taking a break from knitting for now but I haven't given up. I've had pretty good luck with my sewing machine and even acquired a serger a while back. Why, just last month I learned how to thread it.


  1. Hey-thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comment. I am a knitter too, but all I can do are lines and sqaures! Lady Bluestocking@3500WordsPerPound

  2. LOL! I'm glad I'm not alone in that regard. :)

  3. Thanks for the chuckle! My K was going to be for knitting, as well. Still not so sure about my word yet.. (I've got 4 more hours before it's tomorrow).
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I'm very glad I visited yours!

    1. You're like me, doing the challenge on the fly. I never know what I'll talk about until the day of. It's so much more fun that way.
      Thanks for stopping by. :)