Saturday, 7 April 2012


What is that exactly? .... Growing old gracefully? When I hear that phrase I picture a tiny woman with perfectly coiffed white hair, beautifully groomed nails and always wears a tasteful feminine dress. Her nightwear consists of a modest flannel nightgown covered with a long flowing robe with ribbons and lace. She moves softly and gracefully. She is wise and always has a shadow of a smile. It is her natural expression. She is growing old gracefully.

Well, if that's the case then I think I'm doing it wrong. I'm not tiny, but I am small, except for my butt which seems to have grown disproportionately in the last few years. I don't have beautifully groomed nails, I still bite them after all these years. My hair is not white with nary a hair out of place. I'm  a long-haired auburn-head who brushes her hair, slides on a hair band and forgets about it. I haven't worn a dress for years and I don't own a long flowing robe, although I do have polar fleece robe that won't zipper up 'cause my butt gets in the way, so I wear it open and flapping all over the place. Don't worry, though, I am wearing a darling old t-shirt and jammie pants underneath. I have ribbons and lace but they are in a bag in a drawer, not attached to anything. I don't move gracefully. Mom always said I was heavy footed for one so small. I still have to make a conscious effort not to stomp right through the floor. I can't move softly. My husband says he can always hear me bangin' and smashin' around, even when I'm trying to be quiet. I'm not sure I'm wise, but I have common sense. I don't wear a permanent shadow smile, but I smile readily and laugh a lot.

No, I may not be growing old gracefully, but I'm doing it my way, and that's okay with me. :)


  1. Great post, Janice. So happy you've decided to blog. I'll follow you.

  2. Thank you, Sharon. I'm learning so much and meeting such nice people and it's only been 6 days. Thank you for following me. I am so happy about that. :)

  3. I always think that growing up gracefully thing is aimed at woman who try to dress like teenagers. But I'm like you - I'm doing it my way, too. :) Lovely G post. And thanks for coming by my blog.

    1. That's a good point, Lynn. An older woman trying to dress young would not be very graceful.
      PS - Thank you for following me. I get so excited when I gain another follower. :)

  4. I think that growing old gracefully is attacking the aging process as gracefully as we can...not accepting it!! But I do think that we need to grow older gracefully in respect to clothes don't you? I find myself in a funny situation...growing older (52) but our adopted kids are only 10, 2, and 13...don't have time to do anything gracefully!
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 802 in A to Z list today)

  5. I agree, I don't think we should just sit there and take it. Attitude is everything when it comes to aging, I think.

    You are a special and lucky person to be able to adopt 3 children. I'm sure they keep you young. :)