Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for FAIRIES


I was gonna choose Friday for a topic but thought it might be too obvious. But then again -- is there really too much that can be said about Fridays? Everyone has an opinion. Friday is a very popular day, after all. There are movies (Freaky Friday, Friday Night Lights), songs (Friday Night's Alright for Fightin' -- no, that's Saturday! hehe - another good day).  Friday is good and today is Good Friday. But I digress .... I'm talkin' about fairies!

Fairy Entrance

You'll be glad to know that I won't say much about fairies, 'cause I don't really know about their everyday lives. I just know that I am fascinated by them 'cause they're so elusive. It's so darned hard to get a photograph! There are so few "actual" photos of fairies in the world.

Home of Neuschanstein Fairies

I wish I was around in 1917 when Fancis and Elsie got their photos. Remember them? The 2 young girls from Cottingley in Yorkshire, England who became famous for their photos. Their story prompted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write an article entitled "Epoch-Making Event -- Fairies Photographed". The story can be found here.

Although I've never seen a fairy, I have seen photos of their living spaces. These photos are very rare since fairy homes are almost impossible to find and are only visible for a tiny speck of time.

Here is a rare photo of the elusive Roraima Mountain Fairies' Homestead.

And lastly, a rare partial glimpse at the home of the Dubai Fairies. It is said that beneath the fog lies blue sky, sunshine and colours that inspire peaceful contentment.