Friday, 15 June 2012


This is such an easy project. When I was done I wanted to decoupage everything! It all started with some beautiful napkins I had but didn't want to use as napkins. Please pardon the pictures. I'm afraid some of them didn't come out very well, but this is so easy, you'll have no problems.

White Glue and Water (50/50 mixture)
Item to be decoupaged (this can be pretty much anything, in this case I have used glass votive holders)

 Since this votive holder has no contours, I just cut a strip of napkin slightly wider than the height of the votive holder and long enough to wrap around.

 Paint the glass with the glue mixture, lay it on the napkin strip and simply roll it so the seams overlap. Then paint on top of the napkin as well. This ensures it will have very good adhesion and will provide a protective coating.

There will be extra napkin at the top and bottom of the votive. Here you can either cut the napkin along the top or fold it to the inside. Either way, be sure you seal it by just painting the glue mixture over top.

Here I cut the top of the napkin, but folded it over on the bottom and applied glue to seal.

Done! This took less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Here is a cat votive holder I did as well. Since there are a lot of contours, it's best to use strips. You don't need to cut them as they the strips will blend better if they are torn.

The method is the same. Paint the glue mixture on the item, lay on the napkin strip and apply the glue over top. It goes VERY EASILY over the contours. I couldn't believe well it went on.

And done! So easy and fun! :)

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